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Are you a ready-made garments & accessories wholesale seller?

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If you are in the business of selling wholesale, then this page and services has been designed for you. No matter where you are based in the world - you can ‘NOW’ sell your products, here on our wholesale section of Deshanee Dress Point’s Online Store.

How this Works -

Deshanee Dress Point has opened a separate section for wholesale sellers. When you join our store membership you can market your products in wholesale quantities directly to our wholesale buyers visiting the Deshanee Dress Point site. The wholesale section operates independently and offers all customers access to you at any time.

All you have to do is -

Step 1 - Choose a membership plan to suit your level of business.
Step 2 - Get the membership.
Step 3 - Sign and send us the wholesale supplier agreement. (Sample of the Agreement) (We will email the agreement) 
Step 4 - Email us high-resolution photographs of your products accompanied with all relevant product descriptions and details.
Step 5 - When a buyer places an order, we send you the specified payment and order details.
Step 6 – You send us, the order by courier service.

Advantages -

  • This will reduce most of your costs such as, calls, payment risks, searching for buyers and also physical visits around the country to sell your products.
  • We have a wide group of wholesale buyers registered with us and every day new buyers are joining hands with our establishment.
  • We are offering this membership plain with a vision to widen exposure for new products to our customers from all over the world and provide wholesale dealers both small and large, with an expanded customer base – right at their fingertips.
  • All wholesale members can look forward to new and exciting services to help increase sales.
  • You may purchase anything at any time from our online store for your present wholesale buyers.

Monthly Plans (One Month FREE Trial for all Paid Memberships) 

Also, we won't charge you until your monthly turnover reaches 20 times than your membership fee

Example: Let's say you have chosen the plan "STAR" for 100 items. Your first month is absolutely FREE. You have to pay Rs 5000 of membership fee from the next month onwards. BUT, we don't charge you until your monthly turnover exceeds Rs 100,000. How cool is that?Join Wholesale Sellers